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Besides a memorable & relevant Domain name (Gold We Buy Cash); it has the  internationally famous internet domain name extension (.in). It is a very profitable start-up-idea.
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People sell their old precious jewellery when they need cash or want to buy latest fashion jewellery and /or other items. For business, buying old jewellery is safe & profitable. Even Banks give instant Gold loan against old jewellery. With this Domain name, the cash-needy-clients & others, easily remember the internet name of your shop and website (along-with its extension), while just casually passing in front of your shop. To remember an internet domain, its extension is also very important. This name can be easily marketed through Social media also. Before deciding to sell their valuable old jewellery to you, your prospective clients want to first know about your background & procedures, which are made available by you in your website. Your prospective clients view your website; from the comfort of their home, in their computer or mobile. Then only they quickly understand that you are technically sound and know your job. Thereafter they visit your shop, with their precious jewellery, for sale.
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This business is being done by the existing jewellers and even by the stand-alone shops. It needs only about a 10ft. X 8ft. shop (stand alone) & 2-3 machines. Some existing Jewellers want to only sell their own new jewellery in return for old jewellery; others who pay cash, can display this website address at their shop. You will recover your total investment in this project (except that of your real estate asset) in first few deals itself. Selection of proper name for the shop and/or website; and proper pricing for the jewellery offered, are the foundations of regular profit from this business. You may suggest this business to any of your family members or friends also.
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