Premium-Domain-names Brokerage Service by us

Here's how this works:

When you purchase our service (after payment of Brokerage Service Fee of ₹ 19,399/-), you get dedicated domain broker.


The dedicated broker will help you formulate a strategy and budget to acquire the domain needed by your business.

Thereafter they go to search an appropriate domain name, for you, from amongst the domains reserved all over the world. Maximum of five appropriate Premium-Domains are offered to you for purchase within your budget. If you are still not satisfied, you can get four more offers of Domains against additional fee of ₹ 5399/-. After you select an offered Domain, the domain broker works the deal for you with the owner of that premium-domain, trying to get you the lowest possible price. (Don't worry, your identity remains confidential.)

If the owner agrees to the sale, you'll pay the negotiated sale price plus a 10% commission. Thereafter domain is securely transferred to you. handles all steps of the transaction, giving you peace of mind. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Prior to providing a budget, you can have a consultation call with the broker. If you’re not satisfied, you can terminate the service and we’ll refund the broker service fee.

Note: Once you provide a budget, the broker immediately begins trying to search the domain for you and the service fee is no longer refundable.